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Pet Urn | Peace Wings End of Life Care for Pets | Our Good Goodbye

Memories and Memorials

Many of us find some comfort through our grief with remembrance items to commemorate our loved ones. Below are some resources to help you find items unique to your needs when faced with the loss of a beloved pet:

Fur Face Pet Photography

Colorado Springs-based photographer Alicia Rohlfing provides professional photography for pets and their families.


Janine De Lorenzo

Pianist and composer Janine De Lorenzo composes original piano pieces for pet memorials.


Peace of Heart Pendants

Sara Todd-Black creates handmade silver, bronze and glass pendants and remembrance jewelry.  


Stamped by the Heart

Personalized paw print, fingerprint, and handwriting jewelry and ornaments.


Spirit Pieces

A conglomerate of talented artists providing glass art with ashes, urns, jewelry, portraits and an array of other memorial pieces.   


The AFTER Company

Remembrance candles to honor the memory of your beloved pet and the happiness they brought to your life.


Nose Prints Art

Longmont-based artist Rachelle Albright creates custom painted portraits of your pet, capturing their uniqueness.

Say your good goodbye at home

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