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Peace Wings Partners with Pet Loss Support Group

Peace Wings is proud to partner with the Human Animal Bond Trust (HABT).

For over 30 years, the HABT has made Denver's Pet Loss Support Group free to the public.

Staffed by licensed therapists, this important resource has long recognized the depth of the love we feel for our pets, honored the bond we share with them, and supported the grief and healing of countless members of our community following the loss of a pet.

As funding has waned over the years, it has become difficult to continue to pay the therapists that staff the support group -- some of whom have been serving our community since the inception of the Pet Loss Support Group.

As of April 2023, Peace Wings began donating a portion of the proceeds from end-of-life care for each of our patients to support the important work done by the Human Animal Bond Trust.

So far, we have donated in memory of the following pets:

Chloe | Bailey | Tiger | Lilly | Zeke | Loki | Gatsby | Callie | Louis | Breagan | Pancho | Tre | Shadow | Riley | Alyeska | Wrigley | Chumby | Earl | Muffy | PD | Ellie | Kimiko | Otto | Loki | Buttercup | Zoe | Duncan | Medea | Oki | Abram | Daphne | Skipper | Carmella | Oscar | Honey

Every month, we will continue to bring forward the names of the beloved pets in whose memory we donate. May their memory be a blessing, always, and may the legacy of their love live on in the work of the Human Animal Bond Trust.

With love,

H, Coral, and Mina

Peace Wings

* To access grief support services at the Pet Loss Support Group, visit:

* To donate and give your own support for this important community resource:

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